The Italian Press “La Stampa” published an article about Alistag™ on September 19th, 2017.
1 Liter of Alistag™ how many food products can it coat?

1 Liter of Alistag™ is sufficient to coat, manual spraying, about 50 products of the size of an ham. Its optimal use is, however, immersion or automatic nebulization, with a thick drop regulator, making sure that Alistag™ remains in contact with the product, in the aging room, for at least 3 minutes.

When should I apply Alistag™?

Alistag™ should be applied on cured hams and ripened cheeses when they start to dehydrate and a slight dust starts to appear on their surface.

How many times should I apply Alistag™ during the aging process?

When needed. Generally every 2-3 months. If Alistag™ has been distributed with automatic spray machines, the time of food protection can be much longer, verifiable with the reduction or absence of dust, even on the floor under the curing products.

Alistag™, how should it be stated on the label?

Alistag™ is a food additive and, therefore, must be declared on the label as: “Coating agent: Glucono-delta-lactone”.   Accordingly to Reg. UE no 1169/2011, art. 20 letter (b) and (e), the other ingredients of Alistag™ may be omitted.