Perprin S.r.l. is a company that deals with scientific research and studies the properties of natural compounds, whose applications are proposed on the market to companies operating in various sectors of the tertiary.

The agri-food chain is one of the main fields of application of new discoveries, formulated respecting the environment and public health. In this sector Perprin S.r.l. has been engaged for years in the attempt to improve the quality of the preserved food products, protecting them from any external agent able to interfere with their natural process of maturation and preservation.

In this vein  Alistag™ (Patent pending) is born, the first direct coating agent for food of animal origin, needing a prolonged curing phase. A completely alimentary product with extraordinary properties and of great efficacy in the protection of cheeses and hams inside the aging rooms. It is based on Gluconodeltalactone, perfectly balanced to create a protective film on these foods and to encourage their natural preservation and maturation.  Perprin S.r.l. has tried to develop a product of great protective efficacy with the minimum possible visibility: an aqueous compound able to evaporate quickly, totally odourless and devoid of that adhesiveness, which, otherwise, would have made it sticky and unpleasant. Alistag™, in fact, sprayed on the curing products, when these begin to become dusty, or, even better, used for immersion, protects the food without altering in any way the smell and taste. This is the novelty of Alistag™, a highly effective coating agent, whose positive effects will be quickly noticed the manufactures, also noting the considerable decrease of the dust material that usually settles under the food. We hope that our efforts will be appreciated and that production companies will be able to increase even more their already high quality, thanks to our contribution: Alistag™.

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Perprin S.R.L., recognised under Regulation (EC) No 852/2004, is registered in the S.INTE.S.I.S. Structures of the Ministry of Health for the production and packaging of the product: coating agent Alistag (Approval Number CE IT AAE100 12)