In the laboratories of the Urania Research Center of PERPRIN S.r.l. (www.edpa.it) for years we have been dealing with Scientific Research in the field of parasitology and, among our activities, we have been studying the properties of natural compounds, whose applications are offered on the market to companies that, in various sectors, take care of public health and respect for the environment. In particular in the food supply chain for years we have been aiming at improving the quality of animal food products that need a prolonged curing phase, protecting them from any agent interfering with their natural maturation and conservation process. With this in mind, ALISTAG™ (Patent pending), a coating agent based on gluconodeltalattone was born, a food-grade additive with extraordinary properties and of great effectiveness in the protection of cured cheeses and hams inside the aging rooms, with the lowest possible visibility. ALISTAG™, in fact, sprayed on products in the aging phase, when they begin to become dusty, or, even better, used for immersion, protects the food products without altering their smell and taste in any way. Recently ALISTAG™ was also formulated in “Unguent” to prolong the effectiveness of the protection of food products in their phases of aging and storage. The positive effects of ALISTAG™ will be quickly noticed the experts, who will be able to observe the significant decrease in the dusty material that usually settles under food. We hope that our efforts will be appreciated and that the reference companies in this area of the agri-food supply chain can increase their already high quality even more thanks to our contribution: ALISTAG™.


Perprin S.r.l., recognised under Regulation (EC) No 852/2004, is registered in the S.INTE.S.I.S.    Structures of the Italian Ministry of Health for the production and packaging of the product: Coating agent Alistag (Approval Number CE IT AAE100 12)