Alistag™ was presented at the National Congress of the Italian Association of Veterinary Food Hygienists (A.I.V.I.). September 2017.

What is Alistag™?

Alistag ™ is a food grade coating agent able to provide a protective coating to cured hams and cheeses, favoring their natural aging process. It has been specially studied and formulated to cover ripened cheeses, casings and coatings and decorations for meat (hams), non-heat–treated meat (cured sausages) in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 and subsequentmodifications.


It’s not greasy

It’s not sticky

Leaves no smells on the food

Does not alter its characteristics



Water, coating agent: Glucono-delta-lactone sol. (E575), Flavourings, Lactic acid (E270), Citric acid (E330), Polysorbate 20 (E432), Pectin (E440). Specifications for food additives in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 231 /2012 and subsequent amendments.


Alistag™ is a liquid emulsion product, suitable for application when the surface of the food tends to take on a dusty appearance. This happens frequently in cured hams, after the 5th-6th month, with the gradual dehydration of the product. The same thing happens with the cured meats (Capocollo, Culatello etc.) and with ripened cheeses with hard rind well aged. The dust material that accumulates on the external surface causes an economic damage due to the disintegration of the grouting and the erosion of the rinds of cheeses and it gives the product an old and dusty look. Sometimes the characteristic dust material creeps into the cracks of food, altering the characteristics of the smell and flavour with a consequent significant economic damage. The use of Alistag™ protects cured hams and ripened cheeses from the erosive action of this powder, which does not reform so abundantly. The use “at need” allows the manufacturer to effectively manage emergencies and to reduce, or even reset, the damage and the constant brushing work that is normally done.


Alistag™ is a ready-to-use emulsion and it is therefore necessary to shake the product before and during use in order to allow a uniform distribution on food products.

Alistag™ should be applied on foods, when they are in their aging rooms, with the following alternative modalities, depending on the quantity of products to be coated:

1. For manual spraying, taking care to wet the food completely, several times, as needed.

2. For automatic spray machines, for the time required for Alistag™ to remain in contact with the entire surface of the food for at least 3 minutes. Before entering the aging room, wait at least 1 hour for Alistag™’s “fog” to be properly sedimented.

3. For food immersion, for 3 minutes, in containers or in suitable tanks. This is the optimal mode of use that guarantees total protection from the dust of the product during the aging process.

Since this is an acidic composition, gloves and a protective mask are recommended during use, regardless of the application mode, in order to avoid inhalation or contact with the eyes.


1 liter of Alistag™, ready to use, is enough for about 50 food items of the size of an ham. Alistag™ can however be applied when needed, in dose quantum satis (just enough), accordingly to the need of the manufacturer, as soon as a minimum dust material is visible on some parts of the cured food products.